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Compani 56 AB

Compani 56 AB

We are a full-service agency that brands grow.

Compani 56 was founded in 2013 by John Olsson and Rickard Cullefors, both of whom are current owners. The company has a steady growth journey with good profitability. Today, there is a clear focus on digital marketing and design with services such as inbound marketing, social media, film, animation, 3D, web, and graphic design. The number of employees is 20 fantastic and creative people, most of whom work at the office in Lokstallarna, Karlskrona. We hold a triple-A (AAA) credit rating and the highest UC score (Risk Class 5). We work with brand development, creative campaigns, and digital experiences. Through creative solutions to strategic challenges, we bring people and brands closer together. However, because we are based far outside the box, closer to the horizon, more precisely in Karlskrona, we have a different view and can contribute other perspectives. Fittingly, we work according to the expression “Strive for great, not for big”. Building a good brand is about creating positive feelings and associations with it – and it works somewhat like it does with people in general. You don’t want to be like the person who shouts the loudest and posts too many selfies. Neither do you want to be impersonal and change your colors with the wind. You need to have your special personality, and you must be able to engage in dialogue with people and add something relevant and exciting to their lives.

Address: Blekingegatan 8, Karlskrona, Sweden

Locale/Designation: Karlskrona, Sweden

Phone: 0730321919


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