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Support Providers GmbH GmbH

With web technologies we help companies and public administrations with digitization.

Most customers see us as a development partner to create individual software for their specific needs. While we have proven to deliver great software solutions, we also do consultancy work. In many cases, custom software is not necessary and training their members or automating tasks for them is actually a lot better than introducing another level of complexity into their processes. We have worked for public administrations, large and small companies as well as start-ups. If the customer has an internal development team, we also like to share our knowledge with them and help to bring them to a higher level.

We help with digitization

Digital products We establish user-friendly systems that are as open as possible with fair contract terms. Service We are the speedboat you use to test new digital ideas. You then implement them yourself, with us or with our network. Knowledge transfer We hold workshops, do due diligence and are speakers at conferences. We automated tasks that initially took two weeks of manual log file processing into 20 minute configuration and reviewing tasks. Our developers are involved in open-source communities and share their wealth of knowledge with other people at hackathons, meetups and conferences.

Address: Goethestraße 46, 84032 Landshut, Germany

Locale/Designation: Landshut, Germany


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