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Design and creative software for 3D, image, video, audio and animation (basic and advanced).

Polygonal Factory is a Spanish studio formed by experienced multimedia artists and developers focused in mixed 3D digital content creation, VR/AR, Animation, Video, Interactivity & VFX. Our projects diversify into advertising, science, TV & Film, videogames and interactive. Our goal – and our motto – is to make 3D projects come true through great knowledge of design, quality, visuals, scalability, usability, effective project management and work ethics. We are located in the city of Zaragoza, a great place to work in tech!


  • 3D Modelling (low poly, high detail, character sculpting, hard surface, level creation, blocking).
  • 3D Painting and texturing (realistic, stylised).
  • Animation & Rigging (Characters, cameras, environments, particles and physics).
  • Digital Compositing and VFX.
  • In-Editor creation of interactive 3D videogame content (Unreal Engine, Unity) & real time html5 3D engines (threeJS, own development).
  • Cloud point 3D visualization, parametric and other engineering 3D workflows.
  • Professional team workflows with Blender, 3Ds Max, Maya, Substance Painter, Adobe and many other software.
  • Video editing, postproduction, color grading.
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Address: Coworking El Gancho, Calle de San Pablo, Zaragoza, Spain

Locale/Designation: Zaragoza, Spain


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