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TheFabLab is a laboratory where culture , technology and business meet to give meaning and substance to digital transformation.

TheFabLab is a laboratory where culture , technology and business meet to give meaning and substance to digital transformation. We were born in 2014 as a shared digital fabrication and programmable electronics (now IoT) lab. We are inspired by the Fab Lab model of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). Since then, alongside our research and development activities, we have deepened and put into practice the most innovative cognitive, strategic, and operational processes to support companies in shaping and designing and developing more contemporary products, services, and processes. For us, contamination is a core value and so our lab is open and accessible to anyone who wants to get closer to technologies, experiment and innovate their products and services using all digital technologies, from 3d printing to robotics, from AI to IoT. We were born in the lab and believe that you cannot talk, understand and teach innovation unless you experiment with it and put your hands to work, to create prototypes and products that work for customers. That is why we study, reflect, but above all, we experiment, and for more than 10 years we have been working alongside companies, brands, makers, artists and designers to produce value with revolutionary technological tools, anticipating market trends and needs. New startups and spinoffs have also been born from our ideas. We pour this approach and philosophy into all of our training courses.

If your company is facing a cultural or technological change, if you need to improve your products, services or processes, you can find events, training, consultancy and rapid prototyping with us to start your journey within a new paradigm, where atoms merge with bits and where the line between product and service is increasingly thin.

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Address: Via Arcivescovo Calabiana, 6, 20139 Milano, Metropolitan City of Milan, Italy

Locale/Designation: Milano, Italy

Phone: +393283799103


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