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ICT, A.I, Data Analysis, GIS, Earth Observation.

Innovative startup born in 2018, now is a Innovative Italian SME developing Trustworthy and Human Oriented AI solutions. TR2 adopts RGB, Multi, Hyper Spectral sensing for a free pollutants products.

TR2 is located in Italy with operational sites in Aosta, Rome, Tenna and Cagliari.

  • Winner of different R&D grants for innovative project in the fields of raw material sensing, robotic perception and Generative A.I.
  • Innovative startup born in 2018, after admission to the Smart & Start 2018 program of Invitalia, as technological specialization of other entrepreneurial activities active since 2015.
  • Winner of Smart & Start Italy, Covid-19 Call, PID Resistere, and other public tenders.
  • Active in the HORIZON EUROPE and Autonomous Province of Trento Research and Development stream.
  • Specialized in the processing of Visual Data: images and videos
  • Top National Roads Authority, Metricup, Sigma-Consulting ICT services provider
  • Partner company in Geo-Spatial projects with high innovative value.
  • Deep ICT background: systems, networks, software, web and mobile.
  • MBA-trained management expert in introducing innovative processes in family businesses, with experience in Asian markets.



  • Traceability system, smart farming , data analytics.
  • Precision farming
  • Video detection for vegetation status, production.
  • Satellite investigation about infection, deseases, pesticide use
  • GIS and Data Mapping

Manufacturing, Logistic & Transportation

  • Production and processes digitalization
  • Object detection, Object digitalization
  • Wearable security detection
  • Tracking means, distribution, delivery

Critical Infrastructure, Civil Engineering, Roads and Pavement, Energy/Utility

  • In motion video catalogue detection
  • Displacement, digital twin,
  • Interference detection
  • Maintenance, workflow solution

Retail & Fashion

  • Fashion Object detection,
  • Trend Analysis
  • Geomarketing services

Address: Via Raoul Chiodelli, 73, 00132 Rome, Metropolitan City of Rome Capital, Italy

Locale/Designation: Rome, Italy

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