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We are a company with more than 15 years of experience in marketing research and market research.

Berg Research is a marketing research company helping to improve branding, implement new products, and identify new market and product opportunities. Berg Research offers and individual approach to marketing research solutions while being fast, flexible and connected to the consumer. We work with new, high-growth as well as mature companies across the Baltics. Our operational directions Market research. The competitor is always the best teacher. To be aware of the strengths and the weaknesses of the competitors’ performance, is the first task to be done within the scope of marketing surveys. Research of the customers’ needs, behavior and decision making process. This marketing research data is especially valuable in developing new products, services as well as in situations when a new business direction or an innovative idea should be generated. Solutions for business positioning, for brand strengths analysis. Valuable insights are often born in qualitative research – during the focus groups discussions and individual interviews when it is important to register consumers’ feelings, emotions and perception nuances. Assistance in communication to the target audiences. It is important to test reports, concepts, perform campaigns’ measurements by analyzing the communication impact on the brand strength, attractiveness, visibility indicators and the change of habits. User experience (UX) research provides valuable feedback on the behavior, needs, motivations and pain points of the end user when interacting with a product.

Address: Brīvības iela 40, Central District, Riga, Latvia

Locale/Designation: Riga, Latvia

Phone: +371 29488508


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