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Toet & Research

Toet & Research

Market research agency

Toet & Onderzoek is a small, decisive & flexible market research agency that is happy to help you gain more insight into the needs and wishes of your customers and business partners. The voice of your customers & business partners Curiosity is the basis of the work of Toet & Onderzoek . Curiosity about what moves and motivates your customers & business partners. Toet & Onderzoek likes to let your customers’ voices be heard through research. It is not just about observing, but also about interpreting.   – What are the important insights into my market? – How do my customers view our products and services? – Does our communication match our positioning? Some of the questions that Toet & Onderzoek can help you with. Founder & owner Sander Toet is the beating heart of Toet & Onderzoek . Where necessary or desired, the team is expanded with fellow researchers or related specialists.

Address: Herschelstraat 21, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Locale/Designation: Amsterdam, Netherlands

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