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Lazio Innova S.p.A.

Lazio Innova S.p.A.

Venture capital interventions; internationalization, promotion of business networks and regional excellence; business creation and development; measures for social inclusion.

LAZIO INNOVA is the in-house company of the Lazio Region, aiming at supporting new businesses and the local public administration providing with incentives through regional, national and/or European resources. It carries out specialized technical assistance to Lazio Region, with particular reference to the implementation of European and national programming. It is also responsible on behalf of the Region for the implementation of specific development and internationalization projects. Lazio Innova manages, on behalf of Lazio Region, a local Network of 10 Open innovation hubs that provide information and services to citizens, businesses, local authorities and associations. Therefore, the Network acts in close collaboration with the Region’s Europe Desks. Lazio Innova, through the ENTERPRISE EUROPE NETWORK (EEN), offers an integrated system of services to help companies identify new commercial, productive and technological partners abroad and to support innovation, technology transfer and to promote the participation of SMEs in European tenders.

Address: Via Marco Aurelio, n. 26a, Rome, Metropolitan City of Rome Capital, Italy

Locale/Designation: Rome, Italy


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