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Project Ahead

Project Ahead

We support social entrepreneurs from idea generation to product. We develop social innovation strategies and actions.

Project Ahead is a social enterprise that provides consulting service and supports social innovation We address SMEs, non-profit organizations, public institutions, civil society aiming to develop enterprise creation processes and design paths of shared innovation, that faces social problems. We host entrepreneurs, freelances, startuppers and innovators who want to work, share ideas and develop entrepreneurial projects aimed at improving our society and territory. We share and provide services in order to foster social innovation: – Consulting and planning, we develop social innovation strategies and actions. a. we help businesses, non-profit organizations, national and international public institutions to design and implement strategies and actions for change b. we intervene in the design, planning and management of complex, funded projects through national and European programmes that are capable of responding to urgent social needs in an innovative and sustainable way c. we identify regional funding programmes under cohesion policy, of the Structural Funds and territorial cooperation d. we activate networks and design tables between national and international partners; e. business creation: we support the creation of enterprises and the development of start-ups with a social or environmental impact in Italy and Europe. – Business creation, We support social entrepreneurs from idea generation to product launch by: a. organizational and managerial consulting; b. tax advice; c. business model and business plan; d. research public and private funding sources; e. market expansion through exchange of experience and good practice. – Training courses, we improve your attitudes and skills about social entrepreneurship: a. Lectures on social enterprise and social Innovation; b. Transformation of civil society organisations into social enterprises; c. Integration pathways for migrants and disadvantaged social categories through tool of self- entrepreneurship; d. Transfer of know-how for the entrepreneurial management of confiscated assets and urban regeneration activities; e. Exchange and business coaching programme for potential young people entrepreneurs in EU countries (Erasmus For Young Entrepreneurs and Erasmus Plus). – Creativity and Innovation, we value the potential of young people and multiculturalism as elements of creativity and innovation. We increase methodologies and skills to work in teams, co-design, share aspirations to change and realize entrepreneurial dreams a. Design and management of youth centers open to muticulturality, co-working, spaces for social networks; b. Creation and management of structures and services of aggregation and territorial animation; c. European networks of social incubators; d. Hackathon and events for social entrepreneurship and Social Innovation. – Erasmus for young entrepreneurs: we are intermediary organization (IO) of Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs, the program funded by the European Commission that develops pathways to international support between experienced and new entrepreneurs. – Coworking: We manage Dialogue Place – a coworking space, an incubator of social enterprises multicultural, an international community of social innovators with roots in Naples. Dialogue Place is where meetings take place, businesses are born, businesses are built through partnerships and networks. We host entrepreneurs, freelancers, startups, innovators who want to work, share ideas and develop business projects that improve society and territory

Address: Via Sapienza, 18, 80138 Napoli, NA, Italia

Locale/Designation: Via della Sapienza , Napoli, Italy

Business Hours: Mon-Fri 9:00 - 19:00

Phone: 081 412404


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