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İstasyonTEDU - TED University Center for Social Innovation

İstasyonTEDU - TED University Center for Social Innovation

İstasyonTEDU is a multifunctional open collaborative space that brings social impact oriented actors together for development of social innovation and social entrepreneurship ecosystems.

İstasyonTEDU produces and shares information on social innovation and social entrepreneurship. İstasyonTEDU designs training programs for different ecosystem actors, provides consultancy support and contributes to capacity building activities. İstasyonTEDU provides support for the specialized needs of social enterprises such as access to funding resources, integration into networks, business development, and use of space. İstasyonTEDU contributes to events that will increase the visibility of social enterprises and carries out activities to raise awareness about social entrepreneurship. İstasyonTEDU facilitates interaction and cooperation between TED University and social entrepreneurship and social innovation ecosystem actors.

Address: Ön Cebeci, TED University, Ziya Gökalp Caddesi, Çankaya/Ankara, Türkiye

Locale/Designation: Ankara, Turkey


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