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APAR (The Association for Entrepreneurship from Romania)

APAR (The Association for Entrepreneurship from Romania)

The Romanian Entrepreneurship Association organizes workshops dedicated to the development of entrepreneurial skills and financial education, camps, networking events, seminars and conferences on entrepreneurial topics.   We organize and deliver the EMPRETEC workshop, an international program of entrepreneurial development and business relations held under the auspices of the “United Nations Conference on Trade and Development” (UNCTAD – Geneva) and supported by the Government of Romania.   The foundation of the EMPRETEC program is developed using a unique Harvard Business School methodology, resulting from a long research program initiated and led by Professor David McClelland.   The program is operational in 40 countries on 3 continents and currently has more than 450,000 graduates globally. Romania is the first and only country in Europe where the program is implemented, with over 2500 graduates.   The Association for Entrepreneurship in Romania acts as a communication bridge between representatives of the business environment and the real economy, actors of the non-governmental environment and public policy strategists.   In this sense, we are present in the advisory councils of the Ministry of Entrepreneurship and Tourism and we constantly provide feedback on the existing financing programs, so that they respond as best as possible to the needs of Romanian entrepreneurs and result in a positive impact in society.   At the same time, we always respond affirmatively to market research requests sent to us on the subject of entrepreneurship and we support non-governmental initiatives focused on education, economy and entrepreneurship.   The legislative changes proposed by our association were focused on ensuring the predictability of the tax system, supporting the development of SMEs by providing investment grants, respectively tax facilities for start-up companies. Unfortunately, the proposals that come from the “grassroots” entrepreneurs do not easily find their solution in the decisions that are made in the political environment.   Grow your business with EMPRETEC program.

Address: Strada Hipodrom no.11, Brăila, Romania

Locale/Designation: Brăila, Romania


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