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We study and design solutions, working side by side with our clients to transform all structured and unstructured data into a fundamental source of knowledge for strategic planning.

More than 10 million in turnover and a team of over 90 analysts, computer engineers and biomedical engineers make Artexe one of the largest structures in the field of global e-health services. Artexe’s success is based on solid knowledge in the semantic analysis of unstructured data, in the governance models of articulated organizational systems, in data analysis, in specific skills in the healthcare field. All to provide functional technological solutions, to analyze and make the best use of very large amounts of often sensitive data, to offer decisive support to managers in complex organizations. The extraordinary experience of the Artexe teams in the healthcare sector has made it possible to select and develop very advanced specific skills over time. From the analysis of healthcare processes, therefore, technologies are born capable of renewing the entire governance of the sector, reducing costs and offering real competitive advantages to hospitals and organizations. Our teams assist and support customers in every phase of the process: from the study, to the planning, to the construction of the solutions, to the control of the results. Thanks to this constant relationship, customer feedback on our activities immediately becomes part of our operating method. In designing and adapting digital solutions, Artexe adopts “best-in-class” methodologies based on the Agile/Scrum model. Using this structure allows teams to produce significant results in a short time and to respond quickly in contexts of complex and constantly changing specifications. Discover case studies and portofolio.

Address: Via Giovanni Bensi, 11, 20152 Milano, Metropolitan City of Milan, Italy

Locale/Designation: Milano, Italy


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