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Centro di Formazione Professionale Cebano-Monnregalese / CFPCEMON

Centro di Formazione Professionale Cebano-Monnregalese / CFPCEMON

We make people and companies grow with professional training and employment services.

CFPCEMON is a VET center located in the province of Cuneo, with one legal office in Ceva and three schools (in Ceva, Mondovì and Fossano). It offers free iVET and cVET courses (EQF levels 2-4), either funded through indirect EU and national/regional funds or activated upon request by local enterprises, to students from the age of 14. It hosts approximately 300 students per year in professional high school courses in Ceva and Mondovì (specialisations: mechanics, horeca, beautician, hairdressing) and up to 6000 adult VET students per year on various specialisations, from business and administrations specialist to social and care worker, from environmental impact monitoring and evaluation to orientation & guidance specialist; and at various levels, from up skilling and re skilling for the unemployed to post diploma education. CFPCEMON also supports local development by planning, designing, and implementing international EU funded projects, helping local public and private organisations in accessing direct EU funding (Erasmus+, Creative Europe, Interreg ALCOTRA, FSE+), putting at disposition its resources from the EU project office and its international network. Finally, thanks to its long experience in providing training services under public funds, in the past years it has invested in the internationalisation of its curricula and has obtained an Erasmus VET accreditation for the years 2021-2027. Thanks to this, CFPCEMON students can now choose to do their internships abroad, as well as to spend some weeks abroad to strengthen their language learning (English, Spanish and French). This allows them to learn on the job in a different context, to learn new languages, and to explore new cultures. The opportunity is mutual, as the school hosts incoming Erasmus+ students from partner VET schools around Europe in its educational and training hotel in Mondovì, and provides them with internship opportunities among its local network.

Address: Via XX Settembre, 9, 12073 Ceva, Province of Cuneo, Italy

Locale/Designation: Ceva, via XX Settembre 9, 12073

Phone: +393516760848


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