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Changeroo, Business for Development

Changeroo, Business for Development

Foster an active learning culture to optimise societal value, with the help of Theory of Change

Impact management, grounded in Theory of Change

Changeroo is a web-based platform and tool that helps build impact strategies, interventions, and policies that are grounded in critical thinking, scientific input, a learning attitude, and co-creation.At its core is Theory of Change thinking: it helps turn your Theory of Change into a living document that is interactive and adaptive.Changeroo is not a data management system. Instead, it connects and integrates with your existing management information systems.


Changeroo provides a way to communicate about evidence for interventions to societal challenges, identify evidence gaps, and to collaboratively work on testing not-yet-validated assumptions, while giving stakeholders a voice.


On our platform purpose-driven organisations, government agencies, researchers and other stakeholders come together to develop effective interventions to societal challenges. They visualise the rationale behind how an intervention or policy generates societal value, critically reflect on and substantiate these with validation and scientific theory, make assumptions and evidence gaps explicit, and track how their understanding of the change process has changed over time. The platform builds an open library of Theories of Change along with their validation and evidence gaps, as well as an open library of the scientific theories that inform the development of effective interventions. In other words, a platform and tool for rigorous thinking about societal value creation: what works, why, for whom, and under what circumstances.


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Address: Rotterdam, Rotterdam, South Holland, Netherlands

Locale/Designation: Rotterdam, Netherlands


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