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We help social entrepreneurs identify and exploit the veins of social capital in communities in that run their social businesses and facilitate the exchange of experience and collaboration between them.

The mission of FDES is to contribute to the sustainable development of disadvantaged communities in Central and South-Eastern Europe by supporting social enterprises in the region, in the broad context of the social economy concept. FDES provided consultancy for the establishment and/or promotion of more than 30 social enterprises from Romania (both through service contracts and within a local social business exchange, of a national fair of social enterprises and through two catalogs presenting social businesses) and trained over 100 people from 56 in the field of social enterprise management social enterprises and 100 others in the field of social entrepreneurship.

Address: Strada Vasile Alecsandri 162, Craiova, Romania

Locale/Designation: Craiova, Romania

Phone: +40743070270


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