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Good Profits

Good Profits

We guide you through the important areas to attract more customers and thus achieve more impact: Your sales strategy ; Your ability to sell (and that of your team); and of course your specific sales activities.

Good Profits is a sales agency for for-profit social enterprises. We support the sale of social services and products with training and mentoring.

Tailor-made and practical Advice

As unique as each (social) company is, the best paths to success are just as different. Social enterprises face completely different challenges than companies that are not primarily impact-oriented. We know our way around and work with you to develop the best strategy for your sales. As your GPS, we guide you through the jungle of different options and offer you orientation until you know: this is exactly how I get the best customers!

Interactive and modern training

For social entrepreneurs in particular, the focus is on the effect of their actions and not “the sales aspect”. It’s really all about offering as much benefit as possible – from person to person. We help you and your team to become a relationship manager and beneficiary for your customers with fun and joy – with as much structure as necessary and as much space for personality as possible. Training Portfolio

Business oriented coaching

Every person has their own individual sales personality and thus their own key to success . In our experience, however, entrepreneurs in particular who place high social or ethical demands on their (entrepreneurial) actions are often unable to use this potential for themselves. Discovering the individual way here , providing tips and tricks that can be used effectively in the long term and lead to “good profits” is our mission to make this world a little bit better.

Separate or combined tools

In order to determine your sticking point individually, systematically and well-founded , we have a number of helpful and effective tools in our portfolio. Here we attach great importance to evaluations that are easy to understand and ready to use for everyday business . Can be booked individually or in combination with our other offers. Portfolio

Address: Emmastraße 19, 45130 Essen, Germany

Locale/Designation: Essen, Germany

Phone: +491777456725


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