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humaQ gGmbH

humaQ gGmbH

We network district and social space managers, case managers and community nurses, who work with you to develop an overall concept for your district. We are at your side as consultants and pilots, so that you safely avoid common mistakes in social space development and save yourself negative experiences

humaQ is a non-profit organisation that stands for humanity in the neighbourhood and develops ideal solutions for a long, dignified and independent life at home in the neighbourhood together with neighbourhood operators and stakeholders.


For this purpose, we network and train neighbourhood and social space managers, case managers and community nurses and develop overall concepts together. We accompany them in all phases and support them with our many years of expertise in the social space and innovative technology in care and health.

humaQ forum

With our forum we offer district operators and stakeholders as well as experts a space for exchange and networking. All sides are invited to share their experiences and expertise, to answer questions and to ask some of their own.

Digitization in the district

Digital neighborhood solutions network residents and stakeholders, making communication, collaboration and making new contacts much easier. Here we present different platforms, apps, software and hardware for digitization in the district. More about digital solutions.

humaQ Academy

District development with 28 course elements

The humaQ Academy empowers, accompanies and supports you in all development phases of your planned or existing quarter. To do this, we have developed a 5-phase model consisting of a total of 28 modules and 7 expert courses:
  • assessment of needs and benefits, identification of gaps in supply, definition of the initial offer, strategic positioning, business model and financing, involvement of stakeholders and multipliers, qualification of district managers people, neighborhood digitization and support for the first neighborhood projects.
Learn more about our courses.
Our humaQ team supports, connects and coaches you nationwide.

Address: Abeggstraße 19, 65193 Wiesbaden, Germany

Locale/Designation: Wiesbaden, Germany


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