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ImpactSkills is the first digital space to acquire skills, meet, plan and work in the Third Sector and International Cooperation in Italy.

Impactskills is a startup with social impact (SIAVS) which was born in June 2021 from the previous decennial experience of Ong 2.0, network of non-profit and technological innovation organizations that have worked together for over 10 years to support, explore and experiment the use of digital technologies in social and development cooperation projects. In the 10 years of Ong 2.0/Impactskills activity, 102 training courses have been carried out involving over 7,000 people from 54 countries around the world, and 22 ICT application projects have been implemented in 9 countries. Impactskills’ main activities are: ACADEMY Master ICT4D with University of Turin, free Webinars, Training in Project Management, No Code development, Digital Communication, Fundraising, Social network management. Interactive Training and WebLabs on methodologies and tools, Individual Mentoring and Coaching, Internships, Digital Open Badge emission DIGITAL DOCUMENTATION CENTRE ON ICT4D Production of studies and research, Ebooks, Papers, Manuals, Video tutorials PROJECTS Collaboration in Projects for National and European Calls for proposals, Research projects, ICT implementation in development programs CONSULTING AND TECHNICAL SUPPORT Expert team for ICT implementation in social projects, Expert team for Digital Communication and Fundraising strategies, Online Seminars and Workshops Organization Support

Locale/Designation: Via Vincenzo Vela 42, 10128 Torino, Italia


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