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Lichtwerk assists companies with the implementation of smart assistive technology like LightGuide.

Lichtwerk is a cooperative with a dual certification: registered coop and a certification as a social enterprise.

We support companies and organizations in realizing an inclusive workplace through technology and human-centered transformation.


We also advise inclusive entrepreneurs to successfully and sustainably develop new business through technology and digitalization. We\’re experts in assistive or inclusive technology that contributes to an inclusive labour market.


We implement different technological solutions in Work Integration Social Enterprises, in regular companies and in educational settings. We believe in a Go Digital, Stay Human approach. We provide advise, infrastructure and training.

Address: Koolskampstraat 24, Gits 8830 Hooglede, België

Locale/Designation: Koolskampstraat 24 / 8830 Hooglede-Gits / Belgium

Business Hours: Mon - Thu: 09.00 am / 5.00 pm / Fri: 09.00 am / 3.00 pm


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