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Resonar Productions

Resonar Productions

RESONAR Prod. is a multidisciplinary team specialized in sound communication and new technologies, at your service.

We advise and accompany our clients on their path of sound communication from start to finish. We help your project or business spread the news about your activity among your followers or clients.
We open our ears to new generations of radio broadcasters. Radio and Podcast workshops for children, young people and adults.
  • Tours guided by voices that accompany and instruct and sounds that wrap you and make you discover hidden secrets.
  • Production and execution of audio series, audio books and live radio theatre.
We want to enhance our products and services for European social environment based in audio projects like podcasting, audio guides and audio services for people with disabilities.

Our work

We work in four areas interconnected by audio; from the informative or corporate podcast where we turn your ideas and messages into sounds to the creation of successful fiction audio series with sound design and professional voices, going through training actions contributing our knowledge and experience in training courses, workshops and seminars. We help create and maintain broadcast channels that connect directly with the interests of your clients through the Corporate Podcast. International platforms such as AUDIBLE or SYBEL or entities such as the MANUEL GIMENEZ ABAD FOUNDATION or CIFPA have trusted our audio series and sound productions for their demanding listeners.


The members of our team have more than 25 years of experience in communication, production and sound design, training and cultural dissemination. Our works and projects are a global reference and have been awarded in national and international competitions.

Address: Out Of Office, Avenida de César Augusto, 13, 50004 Zaragoza, Aragón, Spain

Locale/Designation: Zaragoza, Aragón, Spain

Phone: +34 653164004


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