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Sociality - Digital Communication Cooperative is a worker's cooperative engaged in programming, digital communication and training activities.

We are an Athens-based Cooperative working on digital technologies. We try to find ways to help organizations and companies get the best out of them by innovating their digital presence and business processes. We have been operating since 2014.

Our areas of activity are:

  • Strengthening the digital presence of organisations and companies
  • The creation of digital tools with anthropocentric design
  • Training in digital marketing and Free Software / Open Source Software
  • Participation in research projects in the field of user research, prototype application creation and information action.
We are a CoOp. We believe that the cooperative way of working is more fair, more productive and more fulfilling and we aim to help expand it.

Address: Solonos 136, Athens, Greece

Locale/Designation: Athens, Greece

Phone: +302103606616


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