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The Wheel

The Wheel

The Wheel is Ireland’s national association of charities, community groups and social enterprises. As a representative voice, we provide leadership to the charity and community sector and we advocate on behalf of our growing community of members. As a supportive resource, we offer advice, training and other opportunities to people working or volunteering in the charity and community sector.

Our Work

To deliver on our aims, we focus on the following areas of work:
  • Public Policy and Campaigning: we promote the interests of both our members and the wider sector by building public support and securing the optimal legislative, policy and regulatory environment for community and voluntary action. Our work in this area includes advocacy, campaigning, influencing, media engagement and research.  Read more.
  • Skills and Leadership Development: we provide a wide range of affordable unaccredited and accredited training to people working and volunteering in the sector. Our key offerings in this area are our training and development programme and the Nonprofit Sector Leadership Academy.
  • Networking Programme: we facilitate and support networks of interest, and we open doors for collaboration and networking across traditional boundaries. Our current networks focus on topics such as social enterprise, small organisations, insurance, charity finance managers, HSE-funded groups and more.
  • Information Services Programme: we provide a vast range of practical information and advice tailored to the practical needs of people working and volunteering in charities, community and voluntary organisations and social enterprises. Key activities include our helpdesk, websites, newsletters and Fundingpoint database of funding opportunities.  
  • Delivering Special Programmes: we partner with public agencies and philanthropic bodies to deliver projects that promote our mission and strategic aims and support the work of the sector. We are currently delivering several EU programmes and the iCommunity project under the Shared Island Initiative.
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Address: Fleet Street, Temple Bar, Dublin 2, Ireland

Locale/Designation: Dublin, Ireland

Phone: 0867364780


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