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The only complete course with certification to become a Social Media Manager

In the program you will find all the lessons to become autonomous and professional in managing social channels. You will also be able to certify your skills with legal value and work immediately.
The course is also suitable for those starting from scratch.

SMM ESCAPE academy The only live course where you will only leave when you are prepared

  • 2 competitors per week will have the opportunity to study, work and prepare live in our SMM ESCAPE academy.
  • You will come into close contact with the entire kirweb master team , you will be followed and monitored day after day and you will learn everything you need to know about the social world.

It is not a course to become a banal social media manager

  • It is the only training course that allows you to study with the best SMMs in Italy who have created the social strategies of the most viral brands: DUREX – TAFFO – CERES – UNIEURO
  • There is nothing similar, simply because everyone teaches how to use social media , here you learn to be social .

Address: Roma, Italy

Locale/Designation: Rome, Italy


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